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DATA 1967
ISBN 9788839401243
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Ontologia - Okpedia

Ontology is the philosophical study of being.More broadly, it studies concepts that directly relate to being, in particular becoming, existence, reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations. Traditionally listed as a part of the major branch of philosophy known as metaphysics, ontology often deals with questions concerning what entities exist or may be said to exist ...

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2 onde Ontologicamente; Ontologismo; Ontologfsta; Onfòlogo. ontologia dal gr. ÒN - genit. ÒNTOS participio presente di RIMI essere (v. J%seré) e LOGIA per LÒGOS discorso, dottrina. Scienza dell'essere, Dottrina sugli esseri semplicemente considerati In generale si adopra come sinonimo di Metafìsica. Deriv. Ontològico, come tali.